An overview of the simple steps to getting Rubraca

Your patients can receive Rubraca through either your in-office dispensing (IOD) pharmacy or one of our network specialty pharmacies

For both delivery methods, Rubraca Connections can help determine eligibility for financial support and coordinate the process, and answer any questions you may have.

IOD Pharmacy

Submit a Rubraca® (rucaparib) tablets prescription to your practice’s IOD pharmacy via fax or online

IOD pharmacies can order Rubraca from a wholesaler or specialty distributor

IOD pharmacy conducts benefits investigation

  • If insurer requires use of a specialty pharmacy, please contact one from our network

  • If specialty pharmacy is not required, IOD pharmacy coordinates prior authorization with insurance company

Specialty pharmacy

Complete a Rubraca prescription or the Rubraca Prescription Form and send to specialty pharmacy via fax or online

Specialty pharmacy conducts benefits investigation and coordinates prior authorization with insurance company

Rubraca Connections can help determine eligibility as well as facilitate or assist
with enrollment. Rubraca Connections may also assist with reimbursement
support, including benefits investigations, prior authorizations, and appeals

Rubraca Connections financial support programs include:

  • Rubraca $0 Co-Pay Program for commercially insured patients

  • Rubraca Connections QuickStart Program for commercial or government insured patients experiencing coverage delays*

  • Rubraca Connections Patient Assistance Program for patients who are uninsured or rendered uninsured*

  • *Patients must meet diagnosis and coverage criteria to be eligible. See complete Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria.