A Rubraca Connections Access Specialist can help you learn more about financial support programs that may be right for you

Whether you have commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or no insurance, Rubraca Connections can connect you to support options to start Rubraca® (rucaparib) tablets.

Your Rubraca Connections Access Specialist can check your coverage and:

  • Figure out your insurance type

  • If needed, help you find coverage

  • Provide you with options to help you pay for Rubraca

Like your doctor, we are commited to your commitment. Rubraca Connections
has multiple financial support options for every situation

Insurance type

Payment help

Private/commercial insurance

Rubraca Connections $0 Co-Pay Program*

  • You focus on your care, we’ll help with the cost. Rubraca is available at $0 co-pay to 100% of commercially insured patients, regardless of income.1

  • If you qualify for the Rubraca Connections $0 Co-Pay Program, 100% of your out-of-pocket drug costs are covered, which means you pay $0 for Rubraca. You can receive support of up to $30,000 per calendar year

Government insurance
(Medicare, Medicaid, and VA/DoD)

Independent co-pay foundations†‡

  • If you have government insurance, you may be able to get help with out-of-pocket drug costs from an independent co-pay foundation. Your Rubraca Connections Access Specialist can give you a list of potential foundations

No insurance, or Rubraca is not covered

Rubraca Connections Patient Assistance Program

  • If you have no health insurance or your health insurance does not cover Rubraca, you may be eligible for this program. Your Rubraca Connections Access Specialist will let you know if you qualify based on your household income and diagnosis

Rubraca on time. The Rubraca Connections QuickStart Program helps you start Rubraca if you experience delays, regardless of income or insurance§||

  • *The program does not cover costs for any other medication, procedure, or diagnostic test.

  • See complete Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria.

  • Available to eligible patients per foundation guidelines. Foundations are third-party independent 501(c)(3) organizations.

  • §Patients must meet diagnosis and coverage criteria to be eligible. See complete Terms and Conditions and eligibility criteria.

  • ||Product provided through this program may not be used for resale, dispensed to other patients, or billed to any insurance carrier.

  • Reference: 1. Data on file. Clovis Oncology; Boulder, CO.